Fear the T-Rex

I played a lot of sports growing up.

Unfortunately, soccer was not one of them.

Neither Russ nor I know squat-diddly about soccer, and it shows. Jack and Tucker both played on a 4-year old team, and it was a frustrating experience on multiple levels. You have to realize the 4-year olds are much more excited by an airplane flying overhead or a patch of clover that needs to be picked than playing a game, and you head to the field expecting that. And you won’t be disappointed because the 4-year olds are too busy enjoying the world to notice the ball go rolling by, and when you don’t know a single thing about soccer, you don’t feel obligated to try to refocus the kids or find a teachable moment. If you’re not an uber-competitive maniac who has played team sports since she was 5, then it’s all good.

Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of palm slapping of the forehead accompanied by deep sighing as you try to come to grips with the fact that your son just stopped running for no reason or scored a goal for the wrong team or is lying down on the field so he can watch the ants better.

Amazingly, this near universal lack of focus as a 4-year old on a sports team has skipped Theo.

Dude can play some soccer.

He’s on the T-Rex, possibly the funniest name for a team since the Lugnuts (Tucker’s current baseball team). Theo’s best pal is also a member of the mighty T-Rex (T-Rexes?). Life is good as a T-Rex.

The warm-up should be filmed and placed on Youtube, and you should bookmark it for those days when you need a good laugh.

T-Rex warm ups include a round of 10 jumping jacks and–I kid you not–practicing falling on the ground without crying. The coach is brilliant.

Theo and Hayes and the rest of the team demonstrate the many stages of the jumping jack.
It’s hard to beat sprinting 4-year olds for cuteness…they’re a lot like puppies.
Action shot! (OK, it was actually just during warm-ups.)

Proof that Theo has an inkling of what to do. This kind of aggressiveness has never been displayed by a Herakovich (at least from the 5 of us) on a soccer field before. I can guarantee you that. Though he be but little, he is fierce. 🙂

Water break at half-time. You can really work up a sweat running in a pack like that.

Theo gets some tips from his best pal’s big brother, whom he adores. 

We were so close to not jumping back on the crazy train that is 4-year old soccer, but man, are we glad we did. Theo has been waiting his whole life to get off the sidelines and onto the field. He couldn’t be prouder, and we couldn’t be prouder of him.

Go T-Rex!

The Great Art Barn Adventure

In Atlanta, October Mondays generally mean one thing: the children are going to be randomly out of school at least once or twice, so you better pick your poison for those days ahead of time.

Thank goodness, we have sharp, organized pals who roped us in to what turned out to be a wonderful day with Farmer Sue at her Art Barn.

We packed up something close to a picnic lunch and headed off to Canton to meet Farmer Sue and her furry and feathery flock of fun.

We pulled in to Farmer Sue’s to find this old truck sitting in the yard. My Popster would have been amazed. It reminded me of the old beaten-up blue truck he used to drive me to school in when I was little. Good times.

Tuck found it fascinating, also.

Things got even better once we made it inside the farm gates.

“I was not in that movie Shrek, but I could’ve been. I’m that funny. And that loud.”

There was lots feeding and brushing and grooming of various beasts and they all–children and creatures alike–enjoyed every minute of it.

Remember Tucker’s fabulous collection of stuffed rabbits?

just a select few of his rabbits make the place of honor on his bed, you know…

Then you’ll understand that Tucker, our Bunny Lover, was absolutely in Heaven during this picture…

Jack gives his best rapper/thug glare below.

After a hayride (during which I sneezed and rubbed my eyes the majority of the time), we went into Farmer Sue’s actual barn for some art time. She taught our group how to easily draw a chicken and a pig, and the little artists went at it.

Some little artists followed directions better than others; one child (seen below, ahem) received one-on-one art attention after pitching a fit because his pig’s feet didn’t look right.

With a little food in his belly, Jack is back to smiling. Either it was the food or the fact that Farmer Sue was taking the kids on another hay ride, this time without any other grown-ups.

After our farm visit, we shot up the road about a mile to a pumpkin patch, and my sons proceeded to rearrange all of the pumpkins in the entire barn. Give them a wagon and a room full of pumpkins and they can spend hours rolling them around from one side to the other. It’s unbelievable how much they enjoy doing this. I might need to plant a pumpkin patch just to provide them with some entertainment (and exercise) next fall.

Proof I was actually there…

These two are looking like twins lately…

Back home to the middle of October. Our yard has been amply spookified and 2/3 of the Halloween costumes have been ordered. Jack is our hold-out this year; thus far, he’s claimed he wants to be two creatures I cannot find: a cow-serpent (huh?) and a satyr. I have Percy Jackson (well, actually Rick Riordan and his marvelous Olympians series) to thank for this. We are still trying to figure out what Jack is actually going to be. Ever since he was a 2-year old determined to dress up as a snowman, he has not disappointed in his costume choices.

…with a corncob pipe (and a dinosaur sidekick)

Less than 2 weeks left! 

Thanks, Farmer Sue, for a terrific time at your Art Barn!