Come on, Get Happy!

January’s tough. It’s cold and bleary and rainy (at least here in Atlanta it is). It’s a big exhale from the hullabaloo of the holidays. It’s long, and it’s dull, and it’s washed out and gray.

Then along comes February with its promise of Spring and rejuvenation. The sun shines brighter, and the clouds thin out. You can almost taste the newness in the air:  fresh, crispy, exhilarating.

And vibrant.

Trinity School’s massive fundraiser, Spotlight on Art, kicks off the month of February in a spectacular way. After a great warm-up through December and January at Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps, Spotlight shifts into fever pitch with the Artist’s Market.

Held at Trinity School and open to the public, the Artist’s Market showcases the work of over 350 different artists in every genre imaginable. The school’s activity center is magically transformed into a massive art gallery–without all the hovering and stuffiness typically associated with high-end markets. It’s energized, creative and colorful. And it has just opened its doors for 2013!

gratuitous shot of cute boy in front of wonderful art

These fabulous pups below? Sweetest backstory ever. Grab a Kleenex and watch this about artist Barry Gregg and his canine inspiration, Parker.

I’ve already stalked this collection and let me tell you: it’s going to be a tough decision on which one to bring home. Might need more than one.

Check out the terrific use of depth in the pieces below:

These aren’t the only smaller pieces at the Artist’s Market. And these certainly aren’t the largest. There are items at every price point here, making fine art accessible to all.

Aren’t you feeling cheerier already? Good riddance, January and your cold, rainy, grayness.

For native Atlantans, it’s hard to beat the nostalgia evoked by Maria-Louise Coil’s works. Hoggly Woggly, anyone? These smaller pieces could easily be tucked into a powder room or office to provide a quick burst of happy memories. 

And frankly, my dear natives, I dare you to think of an Atlanta icon that’s missing from this yummy painting: 

Go Jump in the Lake is back with oodles of rustic, spunky wooden signs evoking beach, lake and mountain life. Good stuff, indeed.

Oh, man, how I love these little ceramic delights. These make perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just as a little pick-me-up. The glossy colors and classically uplifting quotes compliment each other beautifully. Trust me:  these gems won’t last long.

We have one of these beautifully textured ceramic tiles hanging in the hallway outside of Jack and Tucker’s bedroom. It makes my heart swell every time I see it, and I love the gentle note of school symbolism and spirit it displays. The Trinity choir sings “The Tree Song” every year at 6th grade graduation, and the lyrics of the song are painted around one of the vestibules in the school.  I promise you the Trinity choir sings it so sweetly and innocently that you feel it in your bones. (Here’s a link to the song–which does not do it justice, trust me. Imagine sitting there at the conclusion of this song and watching your child stand up and move up a row in the pews as he symbolically is promoted to the next grade. Kleenex alert again.) But I digress.

I’m not sure which set of students were questioned about their favorite catch-phrases of the day, but these tiny bottlecap magnets cover all the bases. My boys have already picked out ones they’d love to have in their rooms holding photos and reminders–just from this picture!

Check out the chewy texture on this gorgeous, Springy canvas!

Art’s not just for the walls, you know. The Home and Garden area of the Artist’s Market has your back deck and outdoor living spaces covered–along with everything in between. Hit the front right corner as you enter the Market for loads of artisan baskets, lamps, garden sculptures and kitchen items, all of which also make terrific gifts. Stockpile that gift closet now, and you won’t be stuck searching for a hostess gift come September.

If you’re a fan of true outdoor art, you’ll be thrilled before you even enter the gymnasium! You’ll be greeted by boatloads of colorful, whimsical sculptures as you walk in from the parking lot–all just waiting to cheer up your outdoor living space!

On to jewelry. My, oh, my. Head up to the stage, and take in the cases filled with awesomeness. The Jewelry section has been expanded this year (say it isn’t so!) and features many brand new artisans along with all of your old favorites.

I get that not everyone is into vibrant, crazy color. That’s cool. If clean, simple lines are more your style, we’ve still got your back.

These touchstones by Betsey Carter feature nuggets of inspiration (including the 6th grade class’s motto “SWAG”– standing for “strength, wisdom and growth”) and are absolutely meditative to hold. Picture a smooth, cool river stone that fits perfectly in your hand. And then carve a meaningful word into it and glaze it. Solid.

Ice Milk Aprons!! And Heirloom Table Linens! Gorgeous, simple, clean lines that look like they’re fresh from a Hope Chest.

The Dust Bunny. Photographed on request by Theo. I think this guy already resides at our house in spirit.

Dave Mitchell’s incredible sculpture, Tulip Poplar 4, carved from a fallen tulip poplar tree. Large in scope and heart, this stunning piece of art deserves to be seen in person.

Has this whet your appetite yet?

Here’s to living vibrantly. 

Here’s to living creatively.

 Here’s to living with art.

This Mark Boomershine piece gives me chills every time I see it.

Boomershine sat down one Friday night and penned and colored this (in one night; talk about talent).

Every icon of our beloved school is captured above, from the 3’s on the tricycles on Pirate Day to the recess games of 4-square 

to our beloved, retiring Head of School, Mr. Kennedy.

Thank you, Mark Boomershine. Well done, our talented friend. 

Well done, indeed.

“Once a Trinity child, always a Trinity child.”




FEBRUARY 4-9, 2013