watching the calendar

Pretty strong showing on the blog front, huh? J & T start back to school on August 24th (that’s in 11 days, but who’s counting?). I think we are all ready for some structure. Bring on the Montessori method!

I should not complain about child-rearing stress seeing as I just returned from a 4-night stint in Napa. My friends Natalie and Jill and I stayed in the most amazing house at the Carneros Inn and visited 6 wineries, plus the Vintners’ Collective. We ate insanely good food (The French Laundry!) and drank unbelievably good wine. To say the re-entry into family life from such spa-like digs was rough is an understatement…

Sweet Theo turned 1 on July 30th and is now trying his best to master the art of walking. There’s nothing more glorious than going into his room in the morning to his chantings of “Mama! Mama!” That third son is something else, I tell you…

Jack and Tucker have grown up so much this summer, too. I can’t wait to see how they change during the school year. They are “best brothers” and while they do have times where they pummel each other and have licking-wars (are you kidding me?), they are each incredibly loving and caring towards the other and it warms our hearts.



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