72 hours in photos with a few words

OK, Ok, I know the “few words” part is far more challenging than stringing together random pictures from the past 2.5 days, but I’m clearing out a photo card in anticipation of a big day tomorrow and found the last bits of the beach there, smiling up at me, asking to be shared with whomever.

And you, kind reader, who hopefully by now has made it a habit to return to this little blog and dig around (and for whom I have utmost gratitude), you are precisely this “whomever,” so please stick around.  We’ll make it fun.  Or at least fun-ny.

And away we go….

night time putt-putt in a light rainstorm with the speed-putt-putt champions of northern Florida…
aren’t all putt-putt places just a stone’s throw across a 4-lane from a neon-lit beach store?


Russ, Tucker and Theo debate jumping waves


Our big, crazy, spontaneous picnic out on Drummond’s Point with everyone’s favorite picnic vittles?  Rained out.  So Super-Daddy improvised and whipped up this fancy tent…worked like a charm, providing the most unique dining experience on the island (at least for a human).

it’s a little shabby-chic, but the gatekeeper agrees it serves a fine purpose.

Now, let’s entertain the large group of post-college aged single boys and girls who had overtaken the pool.  Since their fellowship and beer buckets likely were not doing it enough for them, we decided to enact Cirque Du La Piscina, featuring the High-Flying Herakovich Brothers.




Although the crowd loved us and called out for more, we decided to take our horse and pony show elsewhere…because with skills like these, the High-Flying Herakovich Brothers don’t need no stinkin’ swimming hole.

Daredevil Sandcastle Jumping:


Extreme Kite Flying:


When overly tired, the future Cirque do Soleilians do what every other carny does:

Wii.  (Right?)


And, finally, the end of the trip photo shoot…I look at these shots and can see exactly how each of the three of them will look as men one day and it scares me because they are growing up so fast.

This next to the last one may be one of my all-time favorites of them, huddled up and caught in the act of…being best brothers.

The long, strenuous march through summer is almost over.  It was twelve hefty weeks to plow through at first sight, but it wound up being fun beyond measure.


We didn’t count the days left or the days that had passed by already.  Rather, we endured the here and holy-cow-it’s-so-hot-right now and made it through.  We are going to miss staying up late only to lounge in pjs until well past an acceptable time.  We will miss unexpected playdates in the cul-de-sac and field trips to Fernbank or the Science Museum or to this dive joint called F.R.O.G.S. which we all adore.


But what I’m really going to miss is all the nonstop, verbose, challenging, hilarious, fun, educational, silly, boredom busting time I had with my three sons this summer.

And I’ll admit it:  for me, that is one heck of an Unexpected.  I’ve grown to realize this and, more importantly, to embrace it.  Even give it one little shout out:  yay, Summer.


p.s.  I dare you to play Jack in Chess.  Bring some kleenex ’cause he’ll make you cry like a baby.  My boy can throw down the moves like nobody’s business.  In the time it takes you to sit down with your coffee, he’ll have left you with only 2 safe moves. (And those moves won’t really be safe because, see, he can think in advance and now you’ll just fall into one of his traps.  And he’s 7.  Kleenex time.)

p.s.s. the “few words” in the title were a flat-out lie, weren’t they?  Enjoy your own wind-downs into the next season…

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