goodnight 2011…

It’s impossible for a sentimental pack-rat like I am not to have some sort of New Year’s Eve post…


…because it is the season of many lights–

and the things that were at the Botanical Garden were just too cool for words.






From the Botanical Garden to lighting up our own home…

spreading the sparkly oatmeal reindeer food on Christmas Eve…

To trying to see things–all things–in a different light…



Any way you want to see it is fine with us…just take time to look.



We all need family, even when you least expect it–like when faced with touching a giant shrimp for the first time…

And we all sometimes feel like fish out of water–you just hope you get someone as loving and kind as Tucker who will gently toss you back in if you are a hermit crab…and you will, if you are just patient enough…


IMG_6591um, yeah, that sand-dollar…we kept it.  it was perfect.  5 chambers for our family.  we had to.

This brotherly love is just going to grow stronger in the next 365 days.

What are you going to build in the next year?

best sunset in Sea Island…

and the best gift from my Jackers for the year–totally unexpected:

IMG_6590J + M

If this is the highlight of my 2011, then so be it.

Jack + Mommy.

How much longer will I get such unsolicited love from a 7.5 year old who just tonight begged me not to kiss him in front of his friends as I dropped him off for his first sleepover?
My boy is growing up, so I’ll take all the little things I get.

Goodnight 2011.  You were good to us.
Calm.  Peaceful.  Happy.  Celebratory.
We hope and pray for a similar 2012.

We take on the world this year, Jackers, you & me.  It’s a promise.  Bring on the slider; I’m ready to learn to throw and catch it (maybe with Uncle Beardy’s help).

We are ready for Tucker’s 6th birthday in barely 4 days, our little miracle.  The joy of friends and science and piano awaits you, sweet man.  You warm our hearts.

Tiny fellow, how can you be turning 4 this year? Theodore, you make our hearts melt with your questions and statements, all of which are brilliant and honest.

For our 2012:

We will reach for our dreams;
strive for our goals;
work when work needs to be done and
play when play needs to be done.
And, most importantly of all, we will listen to when we, our bodies and our minds, need to rest
and we will learn how to.
And we will try hard to achieve all of this with grace and–for me–lots of patience.
These are difficult, lofty goals for our year, but then shouldn’t we always have lofty goals?

“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp,
or what’s a heaven for?”
–Robert S. Browning

Goodnight 2011, rest well on a job well done.

Welcome 2012!
Time to show us your stuff.

Happy New Year to you all!

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