water, water everywhere!

The very first second the weather gives us a sneak peek of Springtime, my boys want to play with water. It never fails. Ever.


Yesterday teased us with 78 degree temperatures and sunny skies (the sun? What’s that?). Theo and I ate lunch outside and by the time we had his brothers all home, everyone was jumping for joy at the warmth.

I knew it was coming…we weren’t halfway home from school when Jack started suggesting we have a water balloon fight.  Then it morphed into making a water park. And going on the slip-n-slide. On the first of March.

that blue and yellow atrocity to the left? that’s last year’s slip-n-slide, hauled up from the basement by 3 very excited little boys…


I have to admit that the weather got the best of me, too.  So rather than freaking out about the wet clothes and the random water-play items dragged out (and hauled up), I just let them go for it.  I think it was good for me.


It was definitely good for my boys.




In the spirit of last summer’s Unexpecteds, I am trying to go with the flow more…to relax a bit and let the boys get messy or soaking wet or covered in paint just because it’s ok to do that when you are 3.5, 6 and nearly 8 years old (how on earth did that happen?).



And truth be known, it’s probably still ok to do that at 41.

There’s hardly anything better than being reminded by one’s children to live life vibrantly. It’s the good stuff, indeed.


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