paleontology in your pajamas!!

Yes, yes, I know. It’s ridiculous the way I throw a birthday party. It’s ridiculous and perhaps a bit obnoxious, but when you are only 8, it’s also great fun to see your mom take your own wacky idea (paleontology…in our pajamas!) and run with it like there’s no tomorrow.

While I am no scrap-booker (dear Goodness), I do write a blog, so you still get to have to deal with my birthday party wind-downs. Just go grab yourself a beverage and replay the Preakness in the background, because, like the great I’ll Have Another, I’m sure you’ve been here and seen this all before…


Another birthday banner made in the birthday boy’s favorite colors but this one actually lasted the entire party. Thank you, Mother Nature.


invitation with a clearly marked RSVP line and easy to use email address…hmmm.


Yeah, man, you’re in the right place. Hula skirts don’t have much to do with paleontology but, hey, we had one on hand, and it was beggin’ to be used…the scary stuffed green generic dino on top legitimizes it all, don’t you think?


Let’s get it started all up in here. Nothing spells cool–like jurassic-ly cool–than a few hundred semi-permanent tattoos, 2 sponges and 16 eight-year-olds…

…unless it’s your younger brother trying to scare everyone…

Here we have a photo of all the victims…er, willing partakers of the Paleontology Pajama party being guarded by Louie the Dinosaur, a Fernbank Museum of Natural Science souvenir of Jack’s from way back when he was maybe 2 years old…

Two years ago, Jack wanted a Mad Scientist party. The Mad Scientist showed up and promptly sliced her hand open with a butcher knife while she was wrapping up her prep-work for the party. She had to scurry off to the ER, tourniqueted arm held high, while her back-up came 30 minutes later to conduct the party.

Russ realized when the Paleontologist/Fossil Lady showed up at our house that–you guessed it–she was the same woman who had wounded herself at our house two years earlier.

Thank goodness it’s near about impossible to harm yourself with a fossil.


We could not have picked more attentive listeners. Jack’s class is just adorable…






chiseling away at their “fossil muffins”–plaster of paris + sand concoctions stuffed with all sorts of (real!) tiny fossils, shells and shark’s teeth…



Surprise visit from our neighbor across the street; he and Theo are big pals and enjoyed watching the end of the party and running around together (and getting more tattoos than a prisoner with a life sentence). 


Jack mixes the volcano-making concoction…


still mixing…


Great photo, but I promise we’ve made bigger, messier, wilder volcanoes on our own. Oh well, Paleontology Lady gets an A for effort (and an A+ for remaining woundless).


Jack making his wish. I made a wish, too:  that the next 8 years would not go by as quickly as these first 8 years have.

Jack’s classmates are some serious “Happy Birthday” singers. They don’t just add in the cha-cha-cha parts; they’ve added 2 brand new tunes at the end (or maybe I’m just old and out of the loop…anyway, take a listen):


We had a canvas on which all of Jack’s friends could paint a message; it was a huge hit.


the finished product. no idea where we’ll put it, but it is rather fun…


The dreaded goody-bags…

…filled with HFCS-free, dye-free treats (yes, really), dinosaur bubbles, an inspirational magnet and a Paleontology Party Tunes cd. If you overlook the possible copyrighting issue (this cd was created solely for personal use, btw) and the fact that there’s a Def Leppard song included on it, it’s about the best themed party cd we’ve ever made.


Henry was fast friends with Jack’s classmate, Helen, who wants to be a vet when she grows up, too.


It’s a Pujols jersey. Nevermind he’s a great baseball player; in a house full of boys, it’s just fun to say his name.



Typical gift wrapping around here: strong out of the gate (gifts wrapped in Jack’s favorite color) but fizzling at the wire (gifts straight from the UPS truck).



Henry studying some geography. Theo put this puzzle together several times this weekend and every single time, Henry would find it and lie down on it. He learns by osmosis, clearly.

Another birthday come and gone.
Another baseball season come and gone.
Another school year come and (is almost) gone.
And another long, wide-open summer coming our way.

We are ready for it. Hope you are, too.

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