Every single semester in school, once the finals were turned in, and it was all over but the crying, I would wind up sick. I’d get so worn down from the work, the stress, the anticipation of finals (the Reading Day parties…whatever…) that I’d turn in the last test and crash into bed for 3 days, fever raging and tonsils on fire.

[Stupid tonsils. Should have had those puppies yanked out years ago.]

Maybe it’s the anticipation of a break from the city life or maybe it’s the great wind-down from co-chairing VBS and being a 2nd grade room mom and a baseball team mom and whatever else it was that I did all Spring, but we all slid in here to the beach this past Thursday sideways and sick. Jack and I both.

And then lovely Tropical Storm Debby punched in last night, too. The winds and rain were crazy; Theo wound up crawling in bed with me around 5 a.m. but mercifully he crashed back out for a few hours. That saved us all.

We spent today practicing the Couch Potato Olympics, and I can tell you straight-off that I have no idea how people sit around all day doing nothing. When we could not possibly endure one more dance party or round of playing with Digger, the rain finally gave us a break, so we loaded up and headed out to our favorite place on the island, Drummond Point.


Without fail, we explore Drummond Point during every visit and without fail, I have to post photos of it. Sorry. But Drummond Point is even better with a big old nasty gray storm hugging her edges.

the fiddler crabs were a little bit bolder today…






Oh, that dimple. I’m pretty sure I spotted one this past week on my sweet cousin’s tiny new daughter Chloe, too (on her right cheek, when she yawns).  Dimples kill me.



Spend a day cooped up in the house at the beach, and you realize a little rain never hurt anybody.

Jack wanted me to photograph him eating 5 grapes at one time.

He thought his cheeks were abnormally large and funny.

Hate to break it to him; he’s always had some rocking chipmunk cheeks (here he is at age 3, no grapes in mouth).

Profile view of his still squeezable cheeks at age 8. Who needs a stinking dimple when you have cheeks like these?


Drummond Point, thanks for the rejuvenation today. You were just what we needed to shake the lead out. So even though the rain is pouring down again and the thunder is booming and the lights are flickering and the wind is whipping and Jim Cantore might possibly be standing outside in our cul-de-sac going toe-to-toe with Mother Nature, our Old Faithful lifted us out of the housebound doldrums for at least an hour.


So Debby, you can go on your merry little way any time now…

That is all.

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