end of summer round-up

Forgive the blog-neglection of late. I’ve been in a bit of an end-of-summer rut, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It had begun to feel like I was living in the movie Groundhog Day. The end of July and the beginning of August blurred together. Not fun.

Sweet thing turned 4.


Ever since he learned to ride a two-wheeled bike, Theo has been asking for a red bicycle. It’s such a perfect gift for our little man, but do you have any idea how tough it is to track down a red bicycle that’s his size?


We found one close to his size. And he loves it. Check out that smile…

He’s still too little to get on and off the bike by himself, but otherwise, it gets an A+.

School started back on August 17th and Tucker decided to mark the day by losing his very first tooth.


Tucker is following in his big brother’s footsteps when it comes to losing teeth. This tooth was hanging on for dear life for a good week and finally dropped out his mouth without him even realizing it. We spent 10 minutes trying to find it (it was on the floor in his room) and were late leaving the house, so I win the bad-mom award for Worst First-Day-of-School pictures ever.

Our big 3rd grader.

Tucker’s first day of 1st grade.

Theo is officially at Trinity with his brothers!!

We rounded out our first week back with a little kitchen yoga (before we had fireworks in the cul-de-sac). Makes for an interesting Friday night, to say the least.

Strong Theo demonstrates a high plank.

Jack shows off regular plank…

…and a funny almost-plow.

But Tucker takes the cake. This is all he has been doing lately. His teacher even said she’s seen him doing headstands on the playground.

Finally, we are aiming to be here by sundown tomorrow.

We are looking forward to celebrating the ending of another summer. Fall baseball is back in full swing, and football season starts tonight (which makes Russ super-happy) so you know what that means…Halloween is just around the corner.

Our goal is no Halloween stuff out of the basement before September 15th. Let’s see if Tucker can handle it.


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