We (sort of) Sold Out…

We broke with tradition this year and did not get our tree at a fancy [read: quaint, yet overpriced] tree farm. Instead, we headed to the lovely Home Depot where we were able to land a ginormous, beautiful tree for way less than half of what we’d paid last year. Winning.

We wove our way through the sawdusty smelling store and debated adding animated flamingoes, an Elmo, and a tree-circling train to our stash of Christmas decor.

We passed on the flamingo (its laser-thin neck was just begging for a short life span) and the Elmo (Theo is way past Elmo but not way past being mocked by his big brothers for once loving Elmo–he’ll likely never hit that milestone). The train, of course, called out to several of the males in my family. Ergo, when the rubber hit the road, we didn’t actually save that money by getting the cheaper tree because Theo was able to convince Russ that we really, weally needed this train.

December is supposed to be cold, but in Atlanta, that assumption is always hit or miss. This weekend was a big, fat miss. We scrounged around for our Christmas tree under a giant orange tent in 70 degree weather, sweating and gruffing about how hot it was, but we still had a great time.

There wasn’t any hot chocolate or folks dressed up like elves, but there still was room for silliness.

And there weren’t any snippy volunteers around to fuss at us.

We had to employ a neighbor’s assistance to haul the tree in, and the second it was upright and unwrapped, Tucker and Theo started throwing ornaments at it.

Those of you who put up trees in your house know that this is not the order in which it goes. There are about 100 steps you have to take before you can hang the first ornament, all of which prove immensely tedious for a 6 and a 4 year old.

Lights. Always the man’s job, right?

Rescuing ornaments mid-throw, keeping children out of the box marked fragile and plucking boys down off a ladder all require patience and assistance. Hence, our other decorating companion:

Again, Bob Arns and his 2006 Tournesol knocked our socks off.

How about that awesome ornament, too? It’s front and center on our tree; trust us.

And that train? My stars, Theo was as happy as a clam.

Jack was pretty pumped about it, too, based on his camped out location under the tree where the train kept derailing.

Our halls typically take a few days to deck; this year was no exception. Here, Tuck places the star atop the tree the night after we put it up.

Sibling rivalry is running deep at our house; Theo pitched a fit to put on the star, too–but even with the ladder and his dad’s assistance, he’s too tiny. Luckily, this photo sufficed.

an exuberant Tucker after a solid 36 hours of decorating

Finally, our neon green skull from Halloween just serves as a warm-up for our neighbors. The photo below shows just 2 of the 3 fine, fine pieces of yard art the Herako-griswolds have staked in their front yard this month.

Humor us, people. You gotta live a little, especially when you have little kids.

It’s Christmastime, after all.

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