2012, July through December

The first half of the year zoomed by quickly and rather uneventfully. The second half, while still fast, was filled with bits of…well…excitement, but we all weathered the events marvelously.

Tucker’s half-birthday celebration was one of our more festive days of the year. He shares his half-birthday with the real birthday of our nation: July 4th. We were at the beach, where every American should be on the 4th of July.

Cue the Sanford & Son theme right about now. 

This kid knows no fear.

We morphed the Bunny-Mobile into the 4th-of-July/Half-Birthday-Mobile for the great parade. (You know you’re hearing the Sanford & Son theme in your head, now. It’s ok. We are, too.)

Riding a skim board is surprisingly difficult. Or maybe it’s just difficult for adults who are scared of how bad it hurts to fall.

Mystery animals at Baba and Popster’s. Popster thought it was a snake (his eyes are bad–ha!) and was flooding it out of his hole with water from a hose pipe. I went over to see what was going on and, after explaining that flooding a rattlesnake out of his lair might not be a good idea, we both leaned over (yes, because that was a good idea) and peered in the hole to find this nest of baby rabbits. Very wet baby rabbits. Mama rabbit came along and moved them all about twenty minutes after we took this picture. Popster claims the backyard is Bunny-Ville on any given morning. Tuck wants to catch some for pets.

We took a behind-the-scenes tour of Turner Field with several of Jack’s baseball teammates in late July.

If you need to get in touch with Rick Flare, all you need to do is visit the Braves pressbox. In case you were wondering…

The adorable one turned 4 and celebrated with a Sparklers and Sprinklers party.

Yoga is a big deal in our house lately. Nightly plank contests are a good way to wear out overly excited boys, by the way.

Tucker’s headstand, which he perfected earlier this year, now has multiple variations…

…even one on a boogie board (talk about core strength!).

We were almost late for the very first day of school because Tucker lost his first tooth–as in, LOST it. It fell out as he was walking down the hall to his room. Tuck loses teeth as passively as Jack does, apparently (and has only lost 1 to date even though there are 2 super-wigglers in his mouth right now).

Closing out the summer at the beach over Labor Day weekend. Best brothers on a perfect day.

No, not South Korea. It’s just a firework.

Sweet Jack broke his collarbone after being catapulted off his scooter in early September. Kudos to the good folks at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta for fast-tracking us through the ER and for being generous with the children’s Lortab. Jack sat outside the x-ray room in a wheelchair next to 2 other kids with visibly broken limbs, all 3 of whom were looped on narcotics. Listening to their conversations was like sitting in a bar late-night:

Jack (to the 2 boys in football uniforms next to him, both wearing green jerseys–1 saying Packers; the other Eagles):  Looks like it was a bad night to be on the green team.

Football player 1 (watching a Disney movie playing in the hallway near them): I think they’re playing hockey.

Football player 2: No…that’s baseball.

Jack: No, those are birds flying around.

When we finally made it into the x-ray room, it was obvious something was amiss. Thankfully they set his collarbone while he was standing there, without any warning. Like I said, Lortab was Jack’s friend that night.

It’s no secret we love us some Halloween around here. Check out our newest decoration: a box of fingers. Um, yeah.

We hosted a fiesta for cousin Kate and her fiance’. It was a wonderful night of hanging out with my Bedingfield family.

Tucker played fall ball and was on one of the greatest teams ever…as far as names go:  The Lugnuts.

Theo and I took Digger and Henry to be blessed on St. Francis’s Feast Day, which was a good thing since Henry had major oral surgery a few weeks later. Henny-bug is now in the possession of only 4 of his teeth, but he acts like a puppy again, which was a fair trade, I’d say.

Q:  What do you get when you have 7 members of Section 3 gathered in a hotel conference room in Macon, Georgia?

A: A 10-year law school reunion. 

Move over, Pele. Take a seat on the bench, Beckham. Here comes Theo, the Mighty T-Rex!

Tucker finally got to hold a live rabbit at the Art Barn. Love at first sight, for sure. Tuck plots where he’s going to set up his bunny traps in Baba and Popster’s backyard.

The cul-de-sac firework festivals with our neighbors have now morphed into bonfires. Right smack on the pavement. There were adults present, I assure you–and not just the one photographing the event.

Halloween, finally. Theo loved the facepaint. 

Two skeletons and Harry Potter. Jack defaulted to the skeleton after his first two choices (cow-serpent and satyr…no kidding) were determined to be impossible to track down.

Collarbones heal very quickly, thank goodness. Jack made it back to finish out the last 3 games with his fall ball team, the Hooks.

That’s some fierce rope jumping right there.

In November, we learned we’ve been given the gift of dyslexia.

After years of me worrying, a few months of attentive concern from his teachers, a few weeks of tutoring with his learning specialist and a few days of testing with a psychologist, we were finally given the answer: Tucker has a magic brain. He is unbelievably math-y, creative, clever and adept at problem solving. He can think in 3-D. But letters do weird things inside his head (he told the psychologist and us that either God or ZEUS (so help me) tells him to say the wrong word after it comes into his brain). He also told the psychologist that he might be a demi-God. OK, then.

We are grateful to have answers and to have a plan to help Tuck. And Tucker is visibly relieved to have an answer, too. He leaves me notes like the ones below all the time. We think he’s pretty “wabrfll,” too. Having a magic brain is definitely wonderful; don’t you agree?

Tucker fears nothing; we knew that already. This is just one of the many reasons why we know he is going to be better than OK.

Three eggs; four yolks. It’s the little things in life that keep it spicy.

Jack’s new favorite place to read: nestled down in my bed.

Thanksgiving brought us a trip to Charlottesville and a serious asthma attack for Tuck.

The boys with Grandpa. This is what 3 days of being maxed out on steroids looks like on Tucker. At least he has his clothes on. 🙂

When it’s tough to blow the fluff off a dandelion, you know your asthma is back. We’ve since gotten back on top of it and have accepted that Tuck still hasn’t grown out of it.

Monticello in November.

Our boys’ motto this year:

Jingle has returned. Lord help us all…or, more accurately, Lord help us remember to move him nightly.

Yes, the tree is leaning; it’s not just your imagination.

Two more days until Christmas! Baba and Popster (and no wild bunnies, we hope) roll into town later today. The excitement level of 3 little boys, 2 dogs and 1 gerbil just keeps amping up.

We hope you are experiencing the same level of joy in your own home, too. Hold your loved ones–especially the littlest ones–close this year. We know we are.

The merriest of Christmas wishes to you and yours!

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