Working Backwards

It’s a new year. I love new years. I love new beginnings. I love new resolutions. Then again, I also love Lenten obligations (and saying “rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” on the mornings of the firsts of every month).

But as much as I love the idea of overhauling myself, I’m actually pretty terrible at it. Each year, I start out like a gangbuster during the first few weeks of January, exercising more and eating better and being happier and being nicer, but then by the time February rolls around, I’m back to my same old self, just facing down another birthday with a brave face and waiting for Lent to begin so I can give myself another jumpstart.

This year is going to be different. This year, I’m going to work backwards. I’m making a map of where I want to be on December 31, 2013 and I’m heading out for it, one step at a time.

Where am I going to be in 365 days?

In better shape and maybe a few pounds lighter.

Sitting on a pile of at least 40 books which I’ve read since January 1st.

With a few new road race t-shirts.

With more family photos and in more family photos.

With a de-cluttered and simplified (and possibly new) house.

With a better grasp on the Bible and my own spirituality.

Advocating for dyslexics.

Writing a lot more.

Worrying a lot less.

Practicing more self-discipline.

Hugging a 9-year old, a 5-year old and an almost 8-year old (and a 45-year old) as much as I can.

Sounds like a great destination for December 31, 2013.

Where is 2013 going to take you?

Our 2013 has already started out perfectly. It’s over 70 degrees here in Florida, we just enjoyed a terrific lunch, and we are about to head out to the beach taking our own Lazarus-Dog, Henry, with us.

The longest journey begins with the first step.

Bring it, 2013.

We’re ready for you.

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