Surf’s Up!

This boy…

…my goodness, he’s always been busy.

When he was only 11 months old, we caught him on top of the dryer. He could not even walk yet. We plunked him back down on the floor, asked him how he got up there and then watched in amazement as he palmed his way up the [closed] door of the dryer and flung himself up and onto the top in about 5 seconds flat.

A week later, we heard him calling for us–clinging from the top bannister of the stairs.

Again, the child still wasn’t officially walking yet.

Those straps that come on a highchair? The ones we cut off because we didn’t need them with Jack? After Tucker flipped out of his highchair at 6 months old, we figured out why they were there.

Here he is at not quite 7 months. Jack looks on in awe.

Not enough hands for the task? No worries, man; that’s what a mouth is for.

On tippy-toes looking over a balcony in Cashiers, NC. Tuck was 21 months old, and the drop to the lake below was a good 20 feet or so.

Tuck first went rock-climbing when he was 4.

By age 4 & 1/2, he’d mastered “Route 10,” a crazy hard route which requires one to hang upside down (as in parallel to the floor which is 20 feet below), and defy gravity to shimmy across one stretch in order to complete it. He was the youngest person ever to complete that route atAtlanta Rocks.

The boy has some mad athletic skills and tons of courage.

I love the look of the little girl’s face behind Tucker in this one. He was 2.5 and would jump into the pool whether an adult was there or not.

Tucker’s first time on the SkyWalk at Stone Mountain. He headed straight for the 3rd level.

We figured he’d be a natural at surfing.

We were right.

Russ called up Pipeline Surf Shop in Fernandina and asked if they gave lessons to 7 year olds. The brave souls there had no idea what they were getting into, so they threw a valiant dude named Nick under the bus.

Nick won the surf-school lottery that day. Tuck is a great student when it come to learning about daredevil activities. Nick told us afterwards that most folks only get up one time during their first lesson (which lasts about an hour in the water). Tucker got up on his very first try…and then proceeded to have 10-15 more good rides on top of that one. The last one was amazing; there were random folks all along the beach who were cheering for the tiny kid riding the wave all the way in to the shore. You could see Tuck’s grin as he neared the edge of the beach. To say he was pumped is an understatement. The kid was glowing with pride.

“High five, little dude! That was awesome!”

Tuck’s surf coach, Nick. Tuck adored him, as you can imagine.

How Tuck celebrates a good day on the waves: a fresh strawberry daiquiri at Sliders.

Tucker is already asking to take another lesson when we go back to Amelia towards the end of summer. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes this time out.

Well done, our little athlete. Thanks for making it look so easy. You make the rest of us want to give it a go, too! Hang ten, man. Hang ten.

(And thanks a million to Nick and the awesome crew at Pipeline Surf Shop! You guys are the best around. We’ll see you in a few weeks! Looking forward to a SUP Yoga class!)

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