Riding the Waves

Tuck had his second surf lesson today. Dude’s got it down.

Like, totally.

Our final beach trip of the summer has been jam-packed.

Dominos. Of course.

Putt-Putt…which took a violent turn yesterday when Jack dove into a rock wall and split his head open. (OK, it wasn’t exactly split open, but any amount of blood coming from one’s son’s head is enough to rattle a mom.)

Nighttime walks on the beach with the Brown Dog.

He’s here, somewhere, trust me–off doing his best sand sniffing…in honor of Henry.

Trying out a new sport (Lord help us).

Lots of relaxing, reading (summer reading review coming soon) and regrouping before the mayhem of the school year starts.

We’ve stuck a lot closer to the sand ever since Jack overheard me telling Russ about my old college roommate’s husband’s (got that?) run in with a certain toothy ocean dweller. Little pitchers have big ears, indeed.

Seriously, why on Earth would anyone volunteer to be buried in sand? Ugh, squared.

And lots of celebrating the last days of being 4.

Big birthday post coming up tomorrow. Happy last day of being 4, sweet Theo!

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