Soooo last month


Christmas was so last month. I know.


The Kirbinator was totally befuddled by the train. 

Despite having 2/3 of the boys knocked down by the flu, we managed to carve out a wonderful first Christmas here at our house.


was planning on getting a haircut before Christmas Eve, but having the flu took that task off the table, which was rather unfortunate. Theo resembles Cousin Itt in this picture.


This blue-eyed wonder was beyond thankful for Tamiflu. We were, too.

Time for a little wardrobe critique. 


Good gravy, that’s bad. Well, not exactly bad…more like bad-ish. Excellent choice of footwear: black high-top basketball shoes and crocs. Crocs. In December. The boys all hit growth spurts, and the puppy managed to destroy the largest pair of proper dress shoes we owned. So Crocs and high-tops it was…in church for the Christmas Eve service. 


Tucker has also hit the stage where he feels imperatively called to make ridiculous faces whenever the camera comes out. Not a fan of this stage, I must say…


Reindeer food time. Thank goodness it wasn’t raining again this year. Oatmeal that’s been soaked overnight on a driveway looks a lot like barf. We know this from experience.


A shot of the boys before they went to bed late at night.


Oh, wait. Just kidding. This was taken first thing Christmas morning, but it was early enough that it could have still been nighttime. Dark-thirty, to be exact…which was about 30 minutes after we had a boy come down to our room, begging us to get up. 


My 49 year old man trapped in a 9 year old’s body. Dog and the possums (Josh, Wanda, and Sissy) gave Jack a fuzzy robe which he wore all day and even slept in that night.


Another ridiculous gift Jack got was the Grumpy Cat book. 


After showing Popster a few pages of it, he retreated to the stairs and read the whole thing cover to cover while the rest of us opened gifts and celebrated Christmas. See? He really is a 49 year old in a 9 year old body.


We closed out the evening with a visit from our favorite old neighbors. It was just the touch of nostalgia we needed.


The first Christmas here is in the books though I’m still running into Christmas music boxes and figurines and snowmen here and there in absolutely random places (Dancing flamingo dressed like Santa in the bathroom? Snowman nightlight in the upstairs hallway? Funny how these ridiculous items just blend into to life after awhile. And tell me it’s like this in your house, please.). 

Nonetheless, our first Christmas here has come and gone. And it was a good one. A very good one.


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