November already?

Bakugan, anyone?  Tuck has a new fascination:  Bakugans.  No, he has no idea what to really do with them (Russ looked it up and the gist is this:  ball up your Bakugan; roll it over a metal card and it pops open in full winged/beaked/scaled glory.  Your opponent does the same.  If both open, you are brawling–I found this term pretty funny–from then on it devolves into a complicated numerical ordeal that was lost on me because I was laughing too hard at the notion of magnetic rolly-critters “brawling”.)  Best I can figure, it’s jazzed up marbles for the 2009 set.  They fit perfectly in Theo’s mouth, which is an added bonus.

Speaking of Theo…our little guy is such a dream.  He signs lots of words now and has also really started talking, though Russ isn’t too keen on Theo calling him “mama.”  Theo would spend every waking moment outside if we let him…

On to our little artist…

J has always had a love of art and words.  Three nights ago, he created this all on his own.  It’s an anatomy chart of one’s “botee” (gotta love phonetical spellings).  He had so much fun doing this that we decided to make a lifesized project out of it for a playdate.  I had some rolls of art paper so we laid them out, traced around his, T’s and their playmate’s bodies and let them get to work…


Jack managed to draw in “lugs” (lungs), “fete” (feet), “fod” (food…can’t go hungry, you know) and “tume” (tummy) in addition to the usual parts.  There’s a certain doctor up in heaven smiling right about now…

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