quintessential fall…city-style

Russ:  “Tuck, do you know how to rake leaves?”
T:  “Yes!  Yes, I do!”
Russ:  “You do?  How?”
T:  “From Char-wee b-wown!”


And so begins our minimalist leaf pile and jumping experience…

After punting T as our official raker (Charlie Brown didn’t really teach him how to rake into a pile…more like raking into a line), Russ managed to scarf up enough leaves so the boys could pounce on them with minimal danger (of course, with T involved, this is all relative…).


That last shot is terribly blurry but it absolutely captures T’s joy!

“I’m camo-fwah-ged!”

Sweet Jackers was under the weather today, so we were thrilled to see him out for some fresh air.  And fresh air with a leaf pile means an opportunity to try to smother your brother…

Our little mini-pile is such a great precursor to the pile of leaves their Grandpa corrals in Charlottesville over Thanksgiving, but it’s so nice to see our little city boys getting back to nature.  Big props to the one tree in our front yard for donating its leaves tonight!

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