almost halfway through the summer!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written, so I thought the least I could do was post a few pictures from our 2-week vacation at the beach.  We spent one weekend at the beautiful Ford Plantation to celebrate Russ’s parents’ 50th anniversary with the entire Herakovich clan…which is a lot of folks, in case you’re counting.


Jack just adores his cousin Jamie…

Come on, Mom!  It’s way too bright out here!


Theo and Sophie had a ball exploring the far reaches of the golf course.

One of my friends said she likes this picture because all 3 boys are running in different directions.  Par for the course.


Sweet Theodore…big baby belly and all.  And our big 6 year old below him (2 different pictures).

This might be the most serious picture we have taken of Jack.  It’s like I can look at his eyes and really see what he’ll look like at 15ish.  Scary.


Two weeks at the beach is a great way to spend the beginning of your summer.  I am confident that by the last few dwindling weeks of summer break, you would be far too drained in the areas most needed (i.e., patience, tolerance, creativity on rainy days) to be able to pull it off (at least without copious amounts of wine, that is; even with wine at the beginning of the summer, it was challenging to wrangle 3 boys ages 6 and under).

The best part about staying at the beach, to me, is my nightly walks with the dogs.  I have found several paved paths that lead out to the sea and love to grab a glass of wine, my best flip-flops, a dog (and 3 or 4 bags 😦 ) and take a nice little solo walk out to the beach through wooded, less-traversed ways.  The temperature usually has dropped for the day and the wind has picked up off the ocean so if you try really, really hard, you can pretend it’s possibly early autumn (this takes a pretty good bit of imagination and possibly a bit of wine, too, but it’s worth it).  It’s a completely rejuvenating little jaunt.  Good for the soul.  And with Henry, our deaf and unathletic cocker spaniel, by your side, it’s a jaunt you can take at your own pace.

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