another trip ’round the sun

Our sweet Theo B. turned 2 this past Friday.  Two?  Already?  You’ve probably all heard the adage that the days go by so slowly, yet the years fly right on by.  Completely true here, I say.  Our days are filled with damage-control (or so says my husband).  These three little men are creative beyond words (at least that’s what I call it; technically, I suppose they are a few steps beyond mischievous).  They keep me hopping.

But back to our freshly minted 2-year old.

Theo has blossomed into his own little person.  He loves monkeys and golf carts and waffles and bubbles and buses.  He hauls around a stack of old swaddling blankets that he originally called “dot-dots” but which have since morphed into “purples,” an homage to his big brother Tucker (who still hauls around his own blanket named, of course, Purple).  Theo starts school in a mere 24 days.

There are days with Theo when I wonder what else is left for him to investigate (read: destroy).  Obviously, he adores Tucker and has already set his goals to include emulating everything our original daredevil does.  Theo is a climber.  Theo has no fear of speed or hills–flying down a hill on wheels is the cat’s meow to him.  Theo has a temper.  If provoked, he’ll clinch his fists up into little balls and screech in varying pitches.  Despite all this colorfulness, Theo truly does live up to his nickname, Theodorable.  He’s such a joy.

Tucker has had an adventurous summer, also.  We’ve visited an ER and also had a front tooth “repositioned,” which is dental-speak for jamming an almost-knocked-out front tooth back into place.  He can dive off the diving board now and is only about an inch shorter than Jack.  His stuffed bunny collection has reached maximum capacity, and he still appreciates the fashion statement made by the wearing of a good cape.  He adores the beach and holds his own in the waves.  T tried his hand at rock-climbing during a birthday party and managed to scale a wall all the way to the ceiling (some 30 feet or so in the air) on his very first try.  He is active, athletic and a complete cuddlebug to boot.  Our Tuck keeps us on our toes.

Our J has grown up so much this summer.  He loves doing math and science projects (so unlike his mother…), playing on the computer, and swimming.  Despite being the pickiest eater on the planet, he has expressed an affinity for cooking.  His imagination is delightful; he and Tucker have turned their outdoor fort into a pirate ship, a clubhouse, a get-away-mobile for SuperDog and a rabbit trapper (sadly, that one didn’t work so well…).  Baseball is his sport of choice; if that doesn’t pan out for him, then he says he’ll be a veterinarian.  Our firstborn amazes us daily.

Actually, all three of our boys amaze us daily.  As a neighbor once told me, we are certainly “in the weeds” right now, but that’s just fine by us.  (Clearly, we have no choice in the matter, so best to embrace it and gather up all these stories of the boys’ wild and woolly adventures and run with it, right?)  Some days, the weeds seem shorter and less unruly than others, and it’s these little (often infrequent) days that re-energize us and keep us going at it with a smile.

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