paean to pollen

Ok, not really. But, man, could I write page after page about the chartreuse veil hanging over Atlanta right now. Since we basically skipped winter, everything on God’s green Earth has decided to bloom at once.


The pollen count is considered “extremely high” (by the poor, miserable little souls whose job is to count these vitriolic little of droplets of poison) when it reaches 200 particles.

The pollen count in Atlanta was over 9,000 about 3 weeks ago. Thankfully, it’s dropped down a bit but not after it nearly pushed me over the edge. Between the constant sneezing and eyeball itching–along with an extended Battle Royale with a certain insurance company over Singulair thrown in there for funsies–I’d just about had it.

Our whole city is red-eyed and sneezy and irritable. We’ve all been told to limit outdoor activities which is hard when you have 2 little guys spending 10 hours a week doing this:


But griping about the insanely high pollen count is a little like when everyone starts posting pictures of the temperature readings in their cars. It’s not going to change one darn thing, and it’s nothing everyone doesn’t already know.

Moving on–or, actually, sneezing on (if you are unable to get relief, let me know and I’ll fill you in on the cocktail of allergy meds I’ve been downing from sun-up to sun-down, with the occasional middle-of-the-night swilling going on, as well)…

Because this photo is too funny not to post even though it’s a few weeks old, I present to you the maternal equivalent of posting a photo of a car thermometer reading 114 degrees:


That would be Tucker climbing the walls in the pediatrician’s office during his third visit in 4 weeks.

So, in a nutshell, pollen is my excuse for going radio-silent the past [ahem] 5 weeks.

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